About Aakash

Who is Aakash?

Aakash was born in May 1992 at Hackensack Medical center in New Jersey to two wonderful parents. He was raised in a Hindu family with good morals and ethics.

He went to Heritage Christian school during his pre and kindergarten years and joined Washington School where he was considered “Gifted Student”. He was loved by his fellow students and teachers alike and was on soccer team for a year. At very early age he participated in different competitions and won in semi-finalists in Pokémon game at Woodbridge mall.

His accomplishments and achievements continued on Thomas Jefferson Middle School where he went to play baseball and won awards for Babe Ruth baseball club. He was first place winner in Bergen County, and pre-qualified for World Championship Tournament of  Yu-Gi-Oh!, hosted by Toys R US at Madison Square Garden.

For high school he went to Lodi High School where he became Captain of school Tennis team.  He became a second place winner in National Chemistry Week Poster Contest in 2008. He also won Bergen County Science League award in High School and went on to become a second place winner of Science Competition in USA held by American Chemical Society.

He scored 2280/2400 in SATs and joined Rutgers University, NJ.

He continued his trend as a great achiever and did outstanding academically as well as in sports and other co-curricular activities. He soon became the President of Young Americans for Liberty at Rutgers University, NJ. He then joined Presidential Candidate Ron Paul in New Hampshire during Primary election in 2011-2012.

 His path to higher accomplishments came to crashing halt when he was arrested on March 2, 2012.


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